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Monday, July 19th, 2010

Grace is the

gift that an open heart brings…

to the festival


(For those of us who) Choose to Believe…

Monday, May 24th, 2010

And know, in our hearts, there is more…

It is confirmed in this very KNOWLEDGE of MORE itself…

Relieve yourself of what lies behind MORE, for we are moving (forward)


Monday, May 17th, 2010

i love you because

you are capable of ecstasy

and so, you deserve it

Christ felll…. motherfuckerzzzzzzz!!

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Christ fell for a number of reasons…. most significantly being that he tripped on his robe.

No, but seriously…  I am four years old and have never had an orgasm…  And, to go along with these personal details, I seem to say “NO, but seriously…”  Based on this, what is the full picture that you see of me?

It’s time to focus now more on the material, and not mySELF!!  This is not about me, and what like… I think about the shitty things I am saying!!

Oops, this quickly digressed into a scenario where my “critical inner voice” has taken over… guess I better kill myself so that voice goes away…  Oh, Jesus, now who was that line for??  Some superhero firefighter who knows emotional CPR and has the insight of Dr. Phil, had he been someone good like Carl Jung and been born around 56 BC?  To this person: “Help!  Help!”

Dispatch, dear Angels!

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Dispatch, most precious Angels!

A path of endless gateways aligns: proceed.
Dispatch, dear Angels, into the Valley below; and hold your precious souls with care as they carry light forth into this dark and thirsting world. Ah, radiant ones, to see your beauty from this vantage! The heart-breaking knowledge of your greatness: embrace!
The rising light of truth ascends above Earth’s horizon, assuring our souls to trust and emerge from darkness… come forth and create this new Earth…

Mission of illumination
Release all shadow and dark impression upon yourself… do not conceal… allow nothing to burden or impose upon you now… remove the uniform of cloth so that the heart may breathe anew, and grasp toward this new front.
Your light is ever-present… it is seen, and can no longer be hidden. You are revealed. Hasten your soul toward expression, for your essence is called forth in full. Coax your gentle soul with love, as the vulnerable child has been chosen to impart the news.
The time of hiding has passed. Advance, and the world of man shall part for the light of love to pass, a royal procession, and a sea of restoration flooding forth.
The call goes out to all angels, bound in body, awaiting release… to all those made of light, waiting to be seen… to all those whose glory has been suppressed, whose heart has not been received, whose light has been shrouded… all those who sense their calling is now imminent, be called. Raise your divine voice.
Dispatch, dear angels- your wings are formed, and at your command. Dispatch, dear angels, the limits of your body cannot contain your outpouring light. Dispatch, dear angels, be brave…

The winds now change direction through heaven’s gate. No longer shall the Kingdom wait, bound on high. Human eyes raise their sights toward the sky, awaiting the dispatch of light on Earth.
Radiant neon vessels collect and descend through the clouds, winged monarchs of humming vibratory information.
Liberating ripples of transforming heat bellow upon a shattered Earth. Helix sound waves coil downward and surround each human heart with new vibration. Living torches, conducting passion, hover above the crowd. Reverberating, flashing light pours through the collective mind like a unifying pulse.
Pause to listen… the echo of this call is recognized within. Only the vibratory hum of truth, which radiates downward, through the heavens, through the heart: evacuation instructions broadcast over stadium Earth, transmitted from the other side.

Dispatch, dear angels, knowing my heart is yours.

30 years old today

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

I was born at 3:13 pm on January 15th, 1979, in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Thanks for all the love!