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Angels and Demons: LIVE SEX SHOW

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Listen, all ye tasty motherfuckers…
The demon rises, the angel descends… and what do they do upon impact, when they centrally converge upon Earth? Why, what all Earth-bound creatures do! They fuck. They create. They create a new being through their union.
A being born of light and dark both, whose role shall be to broaden the spectrum of consciousness. This new being we shall call “Ron.”

Ron’s work is to encompass the limits of human consciousness. He is to do so with his hands. God tells him that as far as he can span the reach of his hands, so far will the consciousness of mankind grow.
But Ron’s reach does not satisfy the needs of a growing world awareness.
So he calls upon his parents, and commands them each to cut off each of his hands. He bestows one upon his angel mother, who he dispatches back to her realm of heaven. He tells her to fly higher, higher with this hand, raising one end of the spectrum in which human consciousness may expand.
He takes the other, and gives it to his demon father, who he sends to hell. Deeper and deeper the father must descend, forging through rock with fire, and expanding consciousness in this direction.
The two parents keep at their mission, and never stop making progress on either end. So long as people are born, the collective shall have greater and greater space into which to expand their hearts, minds and souls.
Now then, collective: we set to work. Expand with purpose, unity and intent. A fuller world awaits us, only one moment away… and then another… and then another. We have only to enter these moments with assurance, knowing the promise that there will be room to grow. Sow the seeds, and we will be given bountiful growth.
And Ron? He uses his brain to monitor the progress of his far-away parents, as his hands transmit radio positioning signals back to him. And he feels with his heart, and he fucks his with his cock, for he is, after all, a creature like us; of this Earth.

Resurrection: returning to console those left behind

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

When someone dies, who is left behind? Do the dying leave behind the living as they transform from those who are not yet ready to pass on to the next level? Or, do we as the living leave the dead in the past as we move forward through the gateway of time?

In any case, death represents transformation. The Christian Bible’s story of Christ’s Resurrection is perhaps it’s best example of a figure negotiating spiritual change. Christ first ascends to a higher spiritual level through death. He then returns to Earth to, among other things, eat meat. And who can blame him?

But he also returned with a powerful message of consolation: Peace be unto you.

In this way, we can relate to an emotional impulse in the Christ-figure’s action. When we change as people, and depart from a world that is no longer right for us, that we have outgrown, how we wish to share our notes of transformation with those from the old world! How separation highlights our love and allows us to forget the debilitating restriction we felt. It’s like the hermit crab who outgrows a shell and stands naked upon the sand. The vulnerability of being without protection invites us to retreat to the old shell that is no longer a fit.

For those who seek to serve mankind as creative artists, or in any other sensitive capacity, the desire to reach back to nurture those from whom we departed is strong.

But transformation is a time for personal discovery, for the new life of spring. It is a time to disrobe old patterns in order to integrate new ones. It can be a solitary experience in many ways, discovering oneself in a new world, the way Christ must have truly found himself upon his arrival in Paradise.

In this advancement, the old world concepts must be set aside so that we can fully feel the new energies at this higher rung of the ladder. As we undergo change, it it is our job to remain full in our new world while refusing old energies seeking to re-attach. We cannot return to an outgrown body, as Christ was able to do. Our new language will no longer translate.

Instead, we must accept the challenge of growth and channel the new energies that emerge with the spring, remaining alone in the delicate light of loss, self-nurturing and possibility of a new self through transformation.

Voices under Fire: the role of the Artist during crisis

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

When the community undergoes a transformation like the current recession, the values of the old consumer world are tested. How disorienting to let go of that old world & the old identity & purpose that grounded us within it! It demands nothing less than a shift in consciousness, with trust and the ability to wholly let go. Now especially, mankind is more integrated than ever before, with the media and online communication affecting us all on a larger, more holistic level. It means we are all experiencing together.

In such a time of darkness, it is easy to falter and become stagnant. What is needed are clear visions for our future to inspire us toward action and creation once again.

This is where the artist must heed the call of creative duty. One must be brave, go inward, summon the power of their unique vision, and share it clearly for all the world to see. The life of an artist requires the spiritual devotion of a monastic buddha: protecting oneself, creating an inner sanctuary, and honoring it’s truth above the noisy demands of the modern consumer world. It demands great sensitivity, and the expression of unconditional love (at least for self) in the face of this often-times repressed and disconnected culture.

These visions shall illuminate, as if voices of the angels, providing light in the darkest of hours; offering hope, initiating movement, and providing new values toward which we may transform into a more promising, integrated human race. Choose the values you wish to see embodied tomorrow- love? unity? peace? creativity? hope? Now, in the darkness, call these words out so that we may begin feeling our way toward one another. Now is the time of change when any dream or possibility can come true. Believe, and express your truest self.

With love, gather all people.
xoxo, gabe

The punch bowl…

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

…  Won’t you have a cup?

xoxo, gabe

The fractured mind

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

When one is disconnected from physical reality, it can sometimes frighten people within the collective society.  Think, for example, of how someone with a loose grip on reality, appearing to be on drugs in public, may alarm the group.

This is because the public is uncertain whether basic social tenets will be observed by this individual.  Specifically where this individual’s mind exists is not important: simply suffice it to say that their outlook is fractured, or separated from the agreed-upon norms.  They could be aware of another reality, or be viewing this reality within a larger context of possibilities.  Or, they may be ill.  The individual’s psyche may have been cast out into an uncharted, unboundaried domain of sanity, leaving him or her unstable.

In any case, it is this question of whether the individual will observe the codes of society, upon which we have agreed, that the group may question when they encounter this individual.  This can be interpreted as dangerous or frightening.  Will this person respect my life, my physical well-being- will they hurt me?  Does the ‘eerie’ hold of another reality upon this person trump the rules of this domain?  Will this motherfucker kill my ass, right here on the goddamned subway platform?  I have definitely wondered sometimes…

But what about ourselves, the pioneers of consciousness and spirit, as we maintain conscious existence within this reality and others simultaneously?  Some visions of reality we inhabit may seem very contrary to social norms and expectations.
As we venture into other realities, seeking to pioneer and incorporate new vision here, it is in an effort to illuminate and broaden the spectrum of conscious experience.  It must be done with compassion and understanding of the beliefs and limitations of others, even if we choose not to observe their limitations within our own conceptual experiences.

“To help, or at least to do no harm”  - Hippocrates

Beyond this, we must abandon all fear and shame.  We must not let our own inhibitions impede upon the progress of consciosness, spirit, or art.  Love the land that feeds, and then break all restrictive bounds upon exploration.

Where desire is strong

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Once the spirit is fully seated within the body, appropriately, what motivates one to act outwardly?  Desire feels very basic- water, food, sex, maybe to lie down…

I am waiting to see what desire says to me, when I reach the place in time where desire is strong…