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Sit in the Fire

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I am going to heaven.

But, ah, death can be HELL!  What will your after-life experience be like?

Life is an opportunity to use our bodies to negotiate our inner worlds.  We can soothe our soul now in a way we cannot when it is unattached from the body.  Seeking freedom now creates a liberated tone for our soul to carry forth into the next world.  It is the only work we must do!  Seek freedom, it is your only job; and the soul of your after-life will not be bound by hellish torment.

Burn now– Sit in the fire, take the sensory throne of flame.  Feel your inner world ignite, burn off restrictions, loosen the soul and feel life itself rage in red and gold around your crown…  Die.  Face death, and feel where it will take you.

Satan at the door

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I asked this certain guest of mine (who shall remain nameless) not to smear feces and tortured souls all over my walls when he comes over…

So, get this…

He comes over and breaks the doorbell, for starters.  So, I don’t even know he’s here.  Then he starts screaming hellfire that I’m not answering the door, and he damns all the neighbors on the floor of my apartment building for no reason.  He breaks in and grabs me by the neck with demon-hands, and I’m like, “What?”

And he’s like, “I’ve been here for half an hour ringing the doorbell.”

So I say, “No, because I was here, and nobody was ringing.  And the doorbell worked this morning when the UPS guy came, so if it’s not working now, you broke it”  So he flips out and starts smearing feces and tortured souls all over the place, just like I asked him not to, and I say “So, where’s my new doorbell, motherfucker?”- except this part I say under my breathe to myself while I make us pasta.

We are channels!

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Energy is constantly flowing in and out of us.  It carries with it, like a river, debris.  This debris becomes lodged within our body and spirit, like build-up against a net placed within the current of the river.  We are channels, like the open space through which the river flows, and must allow this debris to liberate itself from us so that we are “clean”…  A “clean” soul is one who can most fully receive the new flow of water that courses through the river.

In order to be “free”, the body and mind must release their “dams” and allow for the evacuation of build-up water and debris.  This discharge of energy, consciousness, blood, sex, infinity, filth, spirit, evil… is called ART.  Art is the by-product of our liberating these energies, the document of us evacuating that which restrains our constant flow of self & light.

EXIST!  You are an art work all your own.  Liberate these energies in everything you do.

My birth canal

Monday, November 10th, 2008

So, it was time for me to be born.

First of all, I had to squeeze my whole goddamned body out of my mother’s super-tight cunt.  She hadn’t been fucked all week by my dad ’cause me and his dick had a fight near the cervix and his dick was still mad.

Okay, so anyway… I get sucked down the drain of my mom’s vagina… Right after my whole placenta get drained of fluid and I feel like I’m suffocating in a wet plastic bag!- Damnit!

Then I go throught the canal, and let me tell you, this ain’t no gondola ride with a hot-ass Italian giving me a hand-job while my dick is fully exposed to the windows of Venice.  No, it ain’t like that, see… Here’s my birth canal: falling, helplessly, endlessly, down a dark and odorous rabbit hole: walls of hands grabbing for me in emotional desperation, reaching for their lives, that I may save…  A million blind mouths cry forever in the echoing cavern of my mother’s pussy, cursing and claiming me at the same time.

Then, it gets worse.  I get lodged in the canal ’cause the doctor does my mom and stuffs his dick in her, blocking my passage.  His dickhead goes into my soft infant skull and scramble my brains.  He cums in there, and the semen swims through my newly formed nervous system.

The doctor pulls out with me stuck on his dickhead.  My mother says she didn’t realize he wore a condom.  He reveals it is not a condom, but me, her newborn baby boy.  Then I breast fed: THE END.