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City of Standing Water

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Was there ever a city, raised of upward flowing water, which stood uncontained? Fluid buildings which opposed the laws of gravity and nature? Yes, this city surrounds us now.

And once it was revealed as such, did not this city fall in a rush of flooding fury, and become the sea where it stood? No… it remains standing still, electric in it’s disobedience. As we men and women pass through it’s streets, many are silent, lest the water fall and drown them. But fear not, for our hearts shall be vessels upon the flood, and light does pass through water as well.

Summoners, all

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Raise these poles
Which are your voices, pillars upon which a roof shall be set
And a house for many built

Summon strength to turn your back on the world, and the Kingdom shall appear before you
Summon strength to speak from within, and the house will appear in wood and wire upon the earth

The Kingdom cometh upon Your Breath

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

& the spark of fire that is life ignites within the body; upward it radiates through the crown

Exhale, and see the Kingdom appear; For your breathe of fire does singe a hole within the illusory screen of this dead world. And through this clearing, a city awaits
Continue to breathe, and as you exhale, speak clearly of what you see. Thus, the tongue brands Paradise upon the palette of the dead
Paint here the truth, that the city may be reflected until the dead take residency there and become the living

Your breath collects fog upon the window to the cold dead world; see now the barrier, and break it down