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The fractured mind

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

When one is disconnected from physical reality, it can sometimes frighten people within the collective society.  Think, for example, of how someone with a loose grip on reality, appearing to be on drugs in public, may alarm the group.

This is because the public is uncertain whether basic social tenets will be observed by this individual.  Specifically where this individual’s mind exists is not important: simply suffice it to say that their outlook is fractured, or separated from the agreed-upon norms.  They could be aware of another reality, or be viewing this reality within a larger context of possibilities.  Or, they may be ill.  The individual’s psyche may have been cast out into an uncharted, unboundaried domain of sanity, leaving him or her unstable.

In any case, it is this question of whether the individual will observe the codes of society, upon which we have agreed, that the group may question when they encounter this individual.  This can be interpreted as dangerous or frightening.  Will this person respect my life, my physical well-being- will they hurt me?  Does the ‘eerie’ hold of another reality upon this person trump the rules of this domain?  Will this motherfucker kill my ass, right here on the goddamned subway platform?  I have definitely wondered sometimes…

But what about ourselves, the pioneers of consciousness and spirit, as we maintain conscious existence within this reality and others simultaneously?  Some visions of reality we inhabit may seem very contrary to social norms and expectations.
As we venture into other realities, seeking to pioneer and incorporate new vision here, it is in an effort to illuminate and broaden the spectrum of conscious experience.  It must be done with compassion and understanding of the beliefs and limitations of others, even if we choose not to observe their limitations within our own conceptual experiences.

“To help, or at least to do no harm”  - Hippocrates

Beyond this, we must abandon all fear and shame.  We must not let our own inhibitions impede upon the progress of consciosness, spirit, or art.  Love the land that feeds, and then break all restrictive bounds upon exploration.

The cunt that walked the streets

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Heavy-breather…  secreting mass of conical flesh, cervix embedded just below the top.  No uterus above, unless you’re into that whole thing of, like…  spirit bodies.  Only a small knit hat.

Ah, this cunt does walk the street and knocks upon each solid door; breathing hard, dripping milky cum…  A trail of love, if you like.  Or, just a trail of pussy juice in the night.

She is a sleuth, this cunt.  The street lamp portrays a scenario by which she takes three steps within it’s light.  Steam comes off her as she passes.

Lunar, the Day

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

(regarding Mon, Feb 9th, full moon in Leo w/ lunar eclipse)

Full moon early haze Monday
Capsule daylight high pitch break neck sky
Best friend street time direct ray absolute

On Earth, living on the Moon

Where desire is strong

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Once the spirit is fully seated within the body, appropriately, what motivates one to act outwardly?  Desire feels very basic- water, food, sex, maybe to lie down…

I am waiting to see what desire says to me, when I reach the place in time where desire is strong…


Friday, February 6th, 2009

How cruel the nightmare!
How cruel it’s punishment!

Lashes of thunder
& whipcrack;
a symphony of infliction.

The citizen who must be Un-Pried

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

There lives a community within a spacious brain… The inside edges of this brain are made of black latex, like an inflated balloon.

A community member manages to use brute force to press upon a portion of the balloon, and expand a corner, despite the fact that no new air has been injected within.  This person has created new space within the community brain.

The individual occupies this new space, and clings to it, turning away from the community.  At a certain point, the community notices the individual clinging, with panicked ferocity, to this expanded portion of latex-brain-wall.  They must be taken down, and socially re-initiated.

It is a privelege to do expansive work.  And yet, new-found psychic space can consume a person if they insist upon remaining there forever.  Let us un-pry the community member…  if only for a moment… dinner, perhaps.