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Angels and Demons: LIVE SEX SHOW

Listen, all ye tasty motherfuckers…
The demon rises, the angel descends… and what do they do upon impact, when they centrally converge upon Earth? Why, what all Earth-bound creatures do! They fuck. They create. They create a new being through their union.
A being born of light and dark both, whose role shall be to broaden the spectrum of consciousness. This new being we shall call “Ron.”

Ron’s work is to encompass the limits of human consciousness. He is to do so with his hands. God tells him that as far as he can span the reach of his hands, so far will the consciousness of mankind grow.
But Ron’s reach does not satisfy the needs of a growing world awareness.
So he calls upon his parents, and commands them each to cut off each of his hands. He bestows one upon his angel mother, who he dispatches back to her realm of heaven. He tells her to fly higher, higher with this hand, raising one end of the spectrum in which human consciousness may expand.
He takes the other, and gives it to his demon father, who he sends to hell. Deeper and deeper the father must descend, forging through rock with fire, and expanding consciousness in this direction.
The two parents keep at their mission, and never stop making progress on either end. So long as people are born, the collective shall have greater and greater space into which to expand their hearts, minds and souls.
Now then, collective: we set to work. Expand with purpose, unity and intent. A fuller world awaits us, only one moment away… and then another… and then another. We have only to enter these moments with assurance, knowing the promise that there will be room to grow. Sow the seeds, and we will be given bountiful growth.
And Ron? He uses his brain to monitor the progress of his far-away parents, as his hands transmit radio positioning signals back to him. And he feels with his heart, and he fucks his with his cock, for he is, after all, a creature like us; of this Earth.

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