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The citizen who must be Un-Pried

There lives a community within a spacious brain… The inside edges of this brain are made of black latex, like an inflated balloon.

A community member manages to use brute force to press upon a portion of the balloon, and expand a corner, despite the fact that no new air has been injected within.  This person has created new space within the community brain.

The individual occupies this new space, and clings to it, turning away from the community.  At a certain point, the community notices the individual clinging, with panicked ferocity, to this expanded portion of latex-brain-wall.  They must be taken down, and socially re-initiated.

It is a privelege to do expansive work.  And yet, new-found psychic space can consume a person if they insist upon remaining there forever.  Let us un-pry the community member…  if only for a moment… dinner, perhaps.

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