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Prayer: Bonsai of the Soul

When a gardener trains a bonsai tree or other plant, they first determine the way in which they want the plant to grow. They train the branches accordingly, and then must be patient, waiting for the plant to grow into place at it’s own organic rate. Think also of the gardener who landscapes his garden perfectly toward his vision, yet must wait for the seeds of flowers to fill it in and make it real.
The same is true with our spirit. Our spirit is constantly expanding and growing in time. When we send out a prayer, we are programming directions for the continuing growth of our heart and soul. Our unconscious mind gets to work while we live out our daily lives. It looks for clues, hints and insights that we may not see; it helps to guide us into situations that may aid the process; and, it pushes through blocks within us in order to manifest our wishes for growth. The results will not be immediate, or exactly how we anticipate, but surely we will be liberating ourselves toward that which we desire. The soul reaches; it seeks, and we may train these branches in a direction of our choosing, letting the soul, then, work it’s magic in creating our futures.
Prayers that ask for insight, understanding, access, consciousness expansion, spiritual enlightenment, creative potential and personal enhancement are all of the highest order, as the keys to these doors are held within. If truly “The Kingdom” as we have come to perceive it is within our reaches, just beyond our own blocking perceptions, then prayer is a useful tool for finding it. Our creativity comes into play in the way that we ask for it, phrase it, and perceive it. We should have no reservations in asking for the deepest of spiritual transformations, the brightest infusion of light, and the fullest manifestations of our spirits here on Earth. Envision… the next step awaits, within your heart’s imagination.

May you reap everything that you sow, and may all your prayers be answered.

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