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Love: oversights in the Shipping Deaprtment

How much of our love is lost by trying to make sure it is properly “received” by another?
Love is a precious thing.  It is the true, unprotected soul essence of who we are at our core.  It is the divine, pouring through us as expression.
And yet, our instincts want us to direct this love at others, and then to have them know it- see it- feel it.  We seek for others to know how much we love them.  We want to share the feelings we have, not so much for our own sake, but for the other to “feel” loved, to know it, and to see our great capacity to love them.
However, the world around us may not be full of such openly loving creatures as we seem to be when we are in the throes of passion and caring.
When we love unconditionally, we are looking at our experience from a higher, more expansive level, one that discards all of the limits upon the heart.  It does not include the demands of pain, anger, fear and that we often insist upon in relating to others.  We may be willing to set aside limiting factors in order to celebrate and revel in unconditional love…  But that does not mean that our partners (or the world if we are choosing to send our love to the planet at large) is prepared to let go of the same limitations.  It is all too easy to place demands upon the heart, upon each other and our relationships.  Others may even be capable of letting go, but the timing may not be right for when we approach them with our own open hearts.
As a result, we try to box our unlimited love potential into smaller cases so that it can be properly received by their “shipping department.”  In the process, however, we are placing limits on our love, defining it, and shrouding an emotional energy that can only be described as light.
If we can love openly, without asking that our love be “received” or “reflected” back to us by those with whom we seek to share it, we begin to take off the containing limits on our own experience of this emotion.  Truly, our capacity to love is a gift that we bestow upon ourselves.  An open, unconditional heart is a blessing to our health in every way.  Once we decide to love this way for ourselves, we may then take the necessary precautions to protect this gentle creature; our heart; from harm, not by placing limits, but by guarding it, moment by moment, with care.  We can acknowledge the feelings of anger or pain, but they do not intrude upon the expansive essence of our ever-present love.  These feelings serve as guardians, not captors, of our love.
Not only will living with an open heart attract those who can best respond to it, but it will allow us to see clearly what and who we desire at core.  The possibilities to which we can liberate our love are limitless, bound only by our imaginations.  A new world of expansion awaits us, in which no limitation shall contain our light, and nothing can hurt our open hearts.  Love fully, bearing the loss, pain and fear that rests within, and the heart shall be home.

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