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Anchors… away!

What can keep us from being our true, inner selves?  Everything, man!  Fucking everything…  Fear and insecurity, which closes down our inner light, can grab a ride on any circumstance that comes into our lives, giving us something to use against our free expression of creativity and light.
We are caterpillars, awaiting the removal of our cocoons, that we may take flight as liberated creatures of spirit.  This truth is not only a hope; it is a reality toward which we all deserve to strive.  It is not a duty to demand of ourselves, or a far-out concept from which to distance.  It is something we all “get,” which resonates with truth and hope.  This hope is a gift that we can offer ourselves: faith that a type of “Kingdom” awaits us, here, now, if we can summon the courage and freedom to engage it.
Our grip on this world is so fucking tight…  Mankind’s communal experience is like a massive waterway, in which currents of fear, insecurity and anxiety can powerfully carry us away from peaceful waters.  At times, when there is an energy shift, I find it downright terrifying…  I am swept up, trying to get above water.  I may want to go backwards to a moment of clarity, or forwards into something better.  Instead of allowing the fear to simply pass within me for the time being, ungrounded, I can harness it, and seek to grab onto some issue with it, actually anchoring myself right in the current that feels so bad!  I become aware that I am enmeshed once again in a painful game of imprisonment with the outside world.
These “energy shifts” present a major challenge.  They may occur from the outside, like the way the climate changes to a new pressure and precipitation.  Or, they may be the result of internal triggers that stir old emotions, overpowering our bearings.  In any case, a sensitized individual may find themselves completely thrown off course, and in the worst case, bound once again within a dark space.  This dark space usually feels especially bad if we are returning there after feeling free and weightless, and it seems like a step backwards.  It can feel like eternal damnation, and there is no wonder that the Hell concept was created to explain this very real type of fear-based and pain-based experience.  In fact, eternal damnation is living as a prisoner here on Earth, aware of a Kingdom of light, a free soul expression, yet unable to reach it from the depths below.
How the fuck, then, do we pull ourselves out of such a desperate experience?  The Kingdom does take residency on Earth- within each of our physical bodies.  It is a feeling.  The spirit seeks to blossom, and allow energy shifts to simply pass through, like water through the riverbed.  When we cling to issues that allow fear and anxiety to ruminate, we anchor ourselves in rough waters, and can unwittingly remain there.
What issues bear upon our hearts today?  They are not true issues, they are only illusory concepts which serve to dampen our light.  Solving them as problems only comes when we are unattached from them.  Seeing them as tools we use against ourselves is the first step toward removing them, and placing them elsewhere.  We take care of our delicate souls by protecting a sanctuary where this inner light may radiate outward… even if only as far as the ice cream parlor on the corner, which now awaits me.
These issues, and the fear they hold, are not the true us.  We deserve better.  By letting go of who we are trying to be, these pieces will also fall off and drift away…
Knowledge speaks: our light is ever-resent, and never truly gone.  The issues we cling to in fear do not truly fit us, and it’s why the anxiety can feel so tormenting.  It is not us.  It is not a right fit.  And only the true us will fit this new world we seek to create for ourselves.  The old shell-self of fear, pleasing others, and a fractured person that is not whole cannot abide here.  Do not demand it of yourself.  Give yourself permission to begin to expand in light, from the heart, for no one other than yourself.  If we each free up, the massive river current of humanity can flow forward, and know no limits.  Instinct will guide us there.

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