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Creators vs. Consumers

In today’s consumer world, the promise of spiritual growth & inner harmony is pre-packaged and readily available to anyone. It is easy to forget that this pathway can only be found within. It is the result of tuning into our own unique core and remaining there with stillness. The voices of spiritual leaders may assist in guiding us there, but it is ultimately a place that only we can find and inhabit. Living in this place generates in us it’s own language that distinguishes our essence from anyone else’s.

When we act as consumers, we seek this language of knowledge as a product that another has created. Acting out of fear, we run from ourselves and prefer to be spoon-fed teachings by someone who feels & lives on our behalf. But true feeling is a product that only we can create for ourselves.

As creators, we must accept responsibility for developing our own VISION of self and sanctuary. We must be brave to separate from all the language of others, look within, be alone. We must also refuse to carry and spoon-feed other consumers who cling & insist on doubting their own inner source. Separating from them with compassion will encourage them to look within, as well.

Once our unique experience is more fully realized, it will float it’s own language out that we may speak as true words of our own unique soul. Then, we may partake again as consumers, simultaneously, exchanging ideas instead of relying upon them, and receiving INSPIRATION in the same way that we may now offer it.

Knowing our unique visions, as people, as artists, is the first step in truly being present, with love, here on Earth.

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