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Gabriel Voytas is an actor, writer and filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NYC.

Gabe grew up outside of Kutztown, Pennsylvania, and was the eldest of four children. On his first day of Kindergarten, he slapped the teacher and destroyed the classroom. In high school, he was constantly suspended and was a major disciplinary challenge for the administration. Gabe moved to Chicago, where he went to college and studied improvisation at the renowned Second City. Gabe moved to New York in 2000 to work as an intern on the Howard Stern Show. Here, he continued performing stand-up routines he first developed in Chicago. Gabe continued acting, training in both the traditional "method" as well as experimental approaches, such as intensive mask and dance work in the Balinese style.

Gabe is a founding member of NYC theatre troupe Stage13. Here, he produced Tony-winner Dan Fogler's play Elephant in the Room, and oversaw production of the feature film Hysterical Psycho. Most recently, Gabe appeared on the New York stage in 29th Street Repertory's The Conversation.

Gabe's projects currently in production include the original plays George Clooney, Satanic Sermons, and the film, Nine Rooms. Gabe's history of pioneering consciousness is marked by ten years of psychic, psychedelic excursions and writings.

Gabe is currently manifested in both flesh and spirit on the planet Earth where he thinks, feels and fux.

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